Theme #8: To Have A Home


AKA I need to use a new photo because the New York skyline is starting to get old and it’s depressing that the New York skyline could ever get old.

AKA a series of incidents in which I posted it to the wrong blog, then without the links, and now, here we are. HOW MUCH CAN I SCREW UP?

Things that are editable/get-rid-able:

  • Four custom links!
  • Three image bubbles…I like bubbles, if you haven’t noticed.
  • Description, although that goes without saying.
  • The sidebar image.
  • The sidebar and bubbles can switch sides.

As always: do whatever you want, but please like or reblog if possible :)

Some catches include: all or none for the bubbles and custom links, and their size doesn’t vary, so watch your text!

Live Preview | Code

UPDAAAAAAAAATE! The code now includes options to make the bubbles links (DOES NOT WORK ON SAFARI) and to use simple pagination, just arrows below the main four links, no fancy buttons. Same code link!

Somehow in spite of all the glitches, this is actually one of my more popular themes…but another update is nigh! I fixed the simple and custom links so that they don’t overlap and link to the wrong places.

Theme #22: Middle Earth Slide

Code | Live Preview

I really waffled over whether or not to put this one up. As you may notice, it looks a lot like Electric Slide (look at my clever naming and stuff WHOA) (or not) (still hoping for someone to title all of my themes clever dorky things I will love you and stuff). It was a request, so I wasn’t sure if the additions warranted it being its own theme, as opposed to a variation on one.

As requested, it’s sort of foresty and mystical, with optional Gondorian banners. When set up, these are back to top links—when not, there are two fixed-position arrows that work as pagination so you don’t have to scroll back up to the top to do that thing.

As always: colours, gradients, backgrounds, fonts are completely editable (and get-rid-able). And do what you wish, but please like or reblog if you’re using it :)

Theme #21: 221B Mine

Code | Live Preview

The first time since “Pulling At Your Heartstrings/Make A Heartstrings Pun” that I’m happy with a theme’s title, and it’s another stupid joke. (Don’t look for that theme. It is TERRIBLE. Maybe someday I’ll actually revise it…)

(Edit: I actually really like the title for Be There Or Be Square. Oops.)

I got to the Sherlock request before the queer musical one! That one is taking more design than anything. Anyway, I was really excited to do a Sherlock theme. This one is obviously modeled after the inside of 221B, with the objects on the mantelpiece functioning as links. (They’re super cute, right?) Four are editable, the clock is a home link, and the apple is a link back to me. Please don’t remove that one! Unless you’ve talked to me personally about how you’re going to credit me without it.

The mantelpiece can be fixed or absolute—absolute is the default and more compatible with everyone, and it’s where the mantelpiece scrolls out of view, as opposed to staying in place at the top of the window. However, the slash across the top of the page stays fixed, allowing people looking at your blog to change pages or scroll back to the top at any point on the page :)

The background I used is from here, is set as the default background, and you can also adjust the background position so as to move the smiley face around (it’s currently set to -250px, because that’s what seems to work best—don’t forget to keep px at the end of that value)

Might be revised later, much like the Skyrim one! I’ll just edit this post if so, unless it’s something really important. But there aren’t a lot of life-or-death situations in theme making, so we’re probably good.

As per usual, most things are editable/get-rid-able and you can do what you wish with the theme, but please like or reblog if you’re using it :)

Theme #20: Of Skyrim and Shields/Hella Rad (someone else needs to start naming my themes damnit)

Code | Live Preview

I have returned! This theme was a request, and I had a lot of fun with it. 

I might add more features later (some parts of the request were not quite incorporated, so I’ll check back in on that). But for now, this is what this theme entails: totally awesome shield sidebar (hovers to a description with a background of either the back of the shield, a solid colour, or another background image), scarves from tumblr user thestars-themoon (they link back to said user and I would recommend you not change that! credit where credit’s due~) that pull down to reveal a header, optional icon and weapon plaque (not shown in previews, check it out yourself) simple links (please don’t remove the theme link either) on one or both sides can be square buttons or bubbles, and posts with funky borders and shadows (there are two options for the borders).

As per usual, everything is editable and get-rid-able!

Feel free to message me if you’re having trouble with the options, and as always, do what you will but please like or reblog if you’re using it :)

Recommended patterns for backgrounds, sidebar, links (aka the ones used above):’

These all come from vintagebackgrounds on tumblr. Best blog ever.

You might have noticed that I take theme requests from my friends when I’m bored, and although I haven’t been working too hard on this blog lately, I think a few of those might be coming up. I also really enjoy the weirdly specific yet vague requests I get from these…Like, in what other circumstance would I be making something like “a skyrim-style brvtal nordic-themed theme with maybe steampunk elements”?

So yeah, I have returned to you! Look forward to my shot at that and ‘something queer and musical’ in the near future. And, you know, if I do something of my own.

Audio Player UPDATE!

Upon request, I have altered the audio player for all my themes—now it should be a straightforward play button that appears whether or not album art is there. Sorry I didn’t notice that before!

All the codes on pastebin are at the same links, but have the changes.

Theme #19: Jo March 2.0

Code | Live Preview

A revision of the Jo March theme! Description appears on sidebar hover, all colours and images are editable, pagination or endless scroll, and, I don’t know, it’s cute? This one is just as straightforward as the original ‘crank it’/Jo March theme.

As always, please like or reblog if you’re using, and do what you will with the theme :)

Theme #18: Be There or Be Square

Code | Live Preview

Sidebar as minimal as can be :) Each small image functions as a button to reveal another part of the sidebar. Editable title, images, subtitle, colours, background, description, and links!

As always, do what you will with the theme, but please like or reblog if you’re going to use it :)

Hi I'm trying to use your Theme #17: Put a spin on it and I'm having some troubles. I want to upload a header that I made in Photoshop on it instead of having the solid orange banner. Would that be possible and if so could you tell me how?

For a patterned and repeatable background for the header, just go into the code where it says #header {(code and stuff)} and add “background-image:url(‘insert url of image here’);” at the end of all the (code and stuff).

For a header with a different height with text and assorted info, I’d need to revise the theme a little more, so let me know if that’s what you need :)

Theme #17: Put a spin on it

Code | Live Preview

Pretty straightforward! Colours, links, and images are customizable/editable/get-rid-able/pick a verb. The sidebar images move on hover into a sidebar with title, description, and small icon :)

I swear I don’t have an Emma Approved addiction I just…pretty colours…

As always, do whatever the hell you want, but like and reblog if using :) Also, there’s a fourth link for the credit that doesn’t show in the images, but is there on the preview page. (I very nearly goofed it.)